Differences still exist across insurance schemes in China after the consolidation
主讲人: Shuangge Ma


主持人: Wei Zhong

Health economics is a relatively new but important branch of economics. This presentation is on the overall scheme of health economics as well as recent studies conducted in China. The dominating majority of the Chinese population are covered by basic health insurance. The central government started consolidating the three basic insurance schemes in 2009. Under the pre-consolidated system, it was noted that there were significant differences across schemes. However, little is known on the existence and extent of differences after the consolidation. In this study, we reported a survey recently conducted in the City of Suzhou. The main finding is that significant differences still exist in multiple important aspects after the consolidation.

时间: 2016-03-21(Monday)16:40-18:00
地点: N303, Econ Building
主办单位: SOE & WISE
类型: 厦门大学高级计量经济学与统计学系列讲座